Thursday, March 3, 2011

Communication is Key

Communication is essential in every aspect of life. I've learned that lack of communication can really hinder a person, a relationship, or a company. That's why so many companies have people that are paid to communicate on the company's behalf.

Now how does this relate to The Bachelor? For those of you that tuned in to this past week's episode where Brad took the women on overnight dates, there was definitely a lack of communication. This inevitably ruined a potential opportunity that he could have had with the cute and bubbly Ashley H. She has always felt insecure with their relationship and has continued to use words in past episodes that define herself as "disconnected" from him. 

In this episode, however, Ashley assures Brad that she wants what's best for him, which I think was a huge step for her. That irritates him because he wants what's best for both of them. Now I'm confused. Doesn't the whole concept of the show surround what Brad is looking for, and what ultimately makes him happy. He talks about compromise, but it seems that he will  expect that the woman he chooses will whole- heartedly move to Austin, Texas to be with him, regardless of where they live. This is evident when he confronts Ashley by saying that when they had a conversation earlier in the date about where she wanted to live, she not once said that she would want to live in Austin. I think that Ashley was really trying to open up to the situation, and Brad took it completely the wrong way. This resulted in tension for the rest of the night, which ruined the relationship that they could have had. 

Ineffective communication, according to Phil Rich, author of Self-Help Magazine, is off base meaning that responses and needs of others are misunderstood and misinterpreted. Ding Ding Ding. This is what ultimately ruined any chance they had together. 

I posted a video of the events that led to Brad and Ashley's destruction. Feel free to share your thoughts. 

-Real(ity) Love Critic


  1. I agree about that communication. It was funny because the whole time I was watching I was getting so frustrated. I understood what both of them were trying to say but neither could verbalize it right. That being said, it is always easier to understand when your on the outside looking in because you have no emotional attachment/involvement.

  2. That's why I stopped watching this show was becuase communication between the bachelor/bachelorette and the people trying to win over their heart never could communication. Yes, communication can be difficult when you really like a person, but being able to communicate could mean winning over the heart of Brad.

  3. I'm not criticizing your writing or blog but how do people take this show seriously. Do the women on this show think so little of themselves that they have to create feelings for this guy just because he is attractive (if he is). If Ashley felt disconnected its because she is the only normal one on the show.

  4. I love your blog as this show is discussed in my house every monday. I used to be the biggest fan of the show, but have found myself not as interested due to the communication between the bachelor and the ladies. It is so hard to take any of their conversations seriously.

  5. Reality TV or not, I agree communication is key in every relationship. However, being a reality TV show, I think the lack of communication between the guy and the girls is creating some of the drama for the show.

  6. Communication really is the foundation for any relationship. If both parties are not communicating fully, it can break a relationship. Sadly, I have experienced something like this when the other party was not communicating with me, and its extremely frusterating. People shouldn't expect something if they don't be vocal about it.