Monday, March 21, 2011

The Bachelor Comes to an End...

For those of you that watch The Bachelor and missed this week's episode, don't read any further.

Similar to my own predictions, Brad chose the sweet and beautiful Emily Maynard to be his wife. There was no surprise there, since he was confessing his interest in her from the very beginning. The question is: will the infatuation last? It is hard to say with reality television couples, but considering the success rates, there is a slim chance.

So what have we learned? What does it actually take to find "true love" on reality television?
First, you must have a "real" connection. Brad could not stress it more about how important it was to see a woman as his wife after the show.
Second, it is important to remain confident, but at the same time not becoming overly aggressive.
Third, communication is essential. If there is any confusion between two people, clear it up right away. It could ultimately lead to devastaion in the relationship.
Fourth, do not make enemies. By making enemies, you will cause drama on the show, which will inevitably result in negative energy between you and the bachelor.
For the next few weeks, I will be keeping tabs on the new couple to see if their relationship can withstand reality. Feel free to provide updates on my blog if you happen to read about the newly engaged couple.


  1. Looks like I missed out on a great show. Hopefully next years I will get hooked.

  2. I've loved reading your blog Steph.
    I'm sad that the Bachelor is over now. My Monday nights will not be the same until the show returns.