Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Michelle Speaks Out

After being kicked off The Bachelor, Michelle Money tells her side of the story.

- Real(ity) Love Critic


  1. Thanks for sharing this clip, Steph! :)
    Like Michele says, I've heard that The Bachelor editors are the best at creating "characters" out of contestants. BUT, in saying that, they also cannot put words into her mouth, or force her to show up unannounced at Brad's place. On the opening episode, I thought Michele was gorgeous and figured she would be in the final two. However, as soon as her crazy and aggressive side started to show, I totally lost my initial opinion of her. I think Brad made a wise decision by not giving Michele a rose!

  2. So glad you posted this I was waiting to hear "michelle's side" of who she was. She still seems pretty crazy to me, and I'm not sure i believe the conversation she claimed to have with Brad, that did not air, went that smoothly. I'll admit, I was sad to see her go because see defiantly brought drama and the "shock" factor to the show. Can't wait to see how the show ends.

  3. I am also very happy that you posted this video too, I missed this episode of Ellen, it was nice to see her side! I agree with Britt in the sense of the shows editing techniques but I don't they can edit her to seem as aggressive and crazy as she was shown. It is also funny how Michelle admits (slightly) that she is a little crazy lol

    I cant wait to see Michelle's comment on the reunion show, should be interesting!