Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive... Or Not..

When it comes to finding love on The Bachelor, a woman must stand out from the rest because, let's be serious, they are competing with at least 10 other equally attractive and intelligent women. In this week's episode of The Bachelor, the women were slightly more aggressive than normal. Maybe it was the pressure...perhaps it was potential insecurities... who knows.
This week's aggressor of the week goes to none other than Michelle Money who visited bachelor, Brad Womack's room unannounced. Not only did she show up at his room, but she proceeded to ruin the evening that could have otherwise been romantic by dishing out her personal opinions about the rest of the women in the house. Trust me, they were not positive opinions by any means.
Check out this week's, or should I say this season's aggressive woman...

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct
Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman

You would think these women would read up a little about what men really want. 
If they couldn't find love outside of this TV show, they must be doing something wrong.

I think Michelle's taking too many pointers from classic aggressive women...
Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester in Glee
Kate Gosselin

According to a study by Kenneth MacLean, men like women who are feminine without being overly aggressive. A little aggression is acceptable, however too much will send a man running. 
So ladies, *ahem*, Michelle Money,  if you think that being overly aggressive is attractive, think again. I predict she will be the next one Brad will say goodbye to. What do you think?

-Real(ity) Love Critic


  1. Hi Steph,

    I liked this post. Do you think that women feel like they need to be more aggressive in order to stand out? Maybe the show brings it out in them since, as you mentioned, they are competing with one another. It is interesting though that there is a fine line between being confident and having a strong personality (attractive qualities generally speaking) and being aggressive (which tends to be considered less attractive, especially when women are the aggressors).

  2. I don't think that men are the only ones who dislike aggressive behaviour. I am willing to bet that women dislike it too. It can be unsettling to have an aggressive person around; it stirs up the equilibrium of a space to have someone competing in a harsh manner.

  3. I hope Brad says goodbye sooner then later. I agree with you Steph, Michelle is going about this in all the wrong ways as Milica pointed out.
    I know all guys are different and some like a woman to stand up and speak their minds, but telling a guy what to do is another story. That’s a little too aggressive for most guys and it almost crosses from aggressive, in an attractive way, to a little bit crazy. Should be interesting to see what happens next.

  4. I don't really watch The Bachelor regularly, but I did watch it this week and Michelle was ridiculous. When they did the photo shoot and she asked Brad to come into the shoot with her? I felt like it was extremely disrespectful to the other women, although I guess i understand her need for being aggressive, being on a show like The Bachelor. I did think that it was also rude of Brad to not stop her, or at least not engage in what she was doing though. I do think that women's aggression can have a negative stigma attached to it, but I also think that too often people forget that the man allows it by engaging.

  5. I can't stand watching people fight for someone they barely know. It's like watching children fight over a toy they thought they wanted then just getting bored when the novelty wears off. The women on this show try so hard and it always seems like a performance. I agree with Kenneth and Catherine about aggressive people sometimes being innapropriate and ruining a comfortable atmosphere. It doesn't seem natural.

  6. "According to a study by Kenneth MacLean, men like women who are feminine without being overly aggressive. A little aggression is acceptable, however too much will send a man running."

    Normally, I'm a little skeptical of these "studies" that try to speak for all men, but in this case, I tend to agree. I'd think that most guys don't want a woman who is going to be pushed around, overly submissive and afraid to ask for what she wants; but at the same time, too much aggression can be intimidating and even annoying. I can't see myself wanting to be with someone who NEEDS to be the centre of attention ALL the time and speaks just for the sake of hearing her own voice...but that's just me ;)